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Bursar's Office:

Refund Process

All refund requests must be submitted online by using the Refund Request Form. 

Once the request is submitted online, the submitter will receive an initial email confirming the submission at the email address provided on the refund request form. 

After the Bursar's Office has reviewed the request and the respective student account, a second email will be sent providing an authorization for the refund.  The second email will contain the amount of refund next to the type of refund (Check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover). 

If the authorized type of refund is a check, please verify that the mailing address on the student's MySite student profile is up to date.  Otherwise, the refund will not be successfully delivered.

If the authorized type of refund is a credit card, the student must call or come in-person to the Bursar's Office in order to complete the refund transaction. 

The student MUST be the one to call or come in-person to the Bursar's Office with the 16 digit credit card number and expiration date to complete the refund.  Even if a third party has made the payment on behalf of the student, the student must still be the one who completes and claims the refund. Also, in the event that the refund type is a check, the check refund will be made payable in the student name. 


T: 949-451-5600
O: SSC 160

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