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Refund Information


Refunds are not processed automatically and must be requested by the student. If classes have been dropped online or in person, the refund request form is still required to be submitted. Students may choose to leave a credit on the student account to cover future enrollment charges.

Refund Policy

​Students are eligible for a full refund of most fees provided they have officially dropped or withdrawn from classes prior to the refund deadline or their classes have been canceled by the college. Classes can be dropped through MySite or in person at the Office of Admissions and Records. 

There is no refund for classes added after the refund deadline date. Also, refunds are not available for any instructor drop that is initiated after the refund deadline.

Refund Process

​Credit Card Refunds can only be requested if the original payment was made by a credit card within the last year. Do not email your credit card information as email is not a secure communication method!

Check Refunds can be requested if the original payment was made by cash or a check or if the original payment is older than a year.

All refund requests must be submitted online.


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