UPDATE to SERVICES:  The campus is currently CLOSED.  As a result, the Bursar's Office services will shift away from an in-person format, but will still be available during our noted department hours.

Should you have any inquiries regarding payments, refunds, or your student account balance, please email ivcbursars@ivc.edu and a team member will respond to your inquiry. 

If you do not have access to email, please dial the department phone number, select 9 on your keypad, and leave a voicemail.  A team member will gladly respond to your voicemail.

We sincerely appreciate your continued understanding and we are here to support you.  Thank you!


The Bursar's Office is here to provide you with cost of attendance, payment information, refunds, financial holds and payment options. We interact with students, parents, faculty, staff and administrators along with outside agencies either in person, by phone, or by email.

We also provide banking and merchant services for departments at Irvine Valley College.

The Bursar's Office is a department of the Office of Fiscal Services.




Mission Statement

To contribute to student success by providing exceptional service, maintaining the accuracy of student accounts, safeguarding assets, and being responsive to students’ needs. 

Goal #1 – Provide exceptional service to students, employees, and outside partners of the college. 

Goal #2 – Maintain and improve accuracy of records and information generated by the Bursar’s Office.

Goal #3 – Safeguard resources entrusted to the Bursar’s office including money and records.

Goal #4 – Employ innovative and consistent methods responsive to the financial needs of students. 

Goal #5 – Maintain a work environment that is conducive to efficiency and employee satisfaction.