Refund Request Information

Refund Policy

​Students are eligible for a full refund of most fees, provided they have officially dropped or withdrawn from classes prior to the refund deadline or their classes have been canceled by the college.

  • The refund deadline, and all other pertinent dates for each respective class, can be viewed within the class details found in the online Class Schedule.
  • Classes can be dropped through MySite or in person at the Office of Admissions and Records.
  • There is no refund for classes added after the refund deadline or for any instructor drop that is initiated after the refund deadline.

If eligible for a refund, a Check Refund will only be authorized if the original payment was made by cash or a check, or if the original payment is older than a year.

To be eligible for a Credit Card Refund, the original payment must have been made by a credit card within the last year.

All refund requests must be submitted online by using the online Refund Request Form below.

Please do not email your credit card information, as email is not a secure communication method.

**Refunds associated with EW requests are only for the resident portion of enrollment related fees ($46/unit). Health, Material, ASIVC Access, SRF, Non-Resident related fees and all other enrollment related fees are not refundable.

Refund Process

All refund requests must be submitted online by using the Refund Request Form.

Once the request is submitted online, you will recieve a confirmation number on the submission page.

After the Bursar's Office has reviewed the request for the respective student account, and approved the request, the status will be updated to: Authorized.

To check on your submission, please use our Refund Status page.

If the authorized type of refund is a check, please verify that the mailing address on the student's MySite student profile is up to date. Otherwise, the refund will not be successfully delivered.

If the authorized type of refund is a credit card, the student traditionally calls or comes in-person to the Bursar's Office in order to complete the refund transaction.  However, due to our current closure, please visit the Bursar's Office Virtual Lobby within Cranium Cafe using your Canvas log-in credentials.  Please use the following link:


Refund Request Form