Refund Request Information

Refund Policy

​Students are eligible for a full refund of most fees, provided they have officially dropped or withdrawn from classes prior to the refund deadline or their classes have been canceled by the college.  In addition, some students may have an update made to either their residency classification or financial aid award (CCPG) resulting in a refundable credit.

  • The refund deadline, and all other pertinent dates for each respective class, can be viewed within the class details found in the online Class Schedule.
  • Classes can be dropped through MySite or in person at the Office of Admissions and Records(Note: In-person options are not currently available due to the campus closure)
  • There is no refund for classes added after the refund deadline or for any instructor drop that is initiated after the refund deadline.

Refunds for older credits prior to Summer 2019

Credit balances existing prior to Summer 2019 in your MySite student account can be refunded. The credit can also be used automatically for enrollment in the current or upcoming semester. Visit the Credits Prior to Summer 2019 webpage for more details.

Refund Process**

Refunds are now processed automatically. Dropping classes within the refund deadline dates, as noted above, will generate a credit on the student's account.  

If the payment was made online through MySite using a credit card, a refund will automatically be issued to a card previously used for payment (Note: there may be some instances where more than one credit card is refunded).  In the event a credit card refund cannot be automatically completed, a refund check will be mailed to the student using the mailing address listed in MySite.  

If the payment was made using a check, money order, or cash, a refund check will be mailed to the student using the mailing address listed in MySite. If the credit associated to the check payment is less than $10.00, a check refund will not be automatically generated and will have to be requested.

An exception to the automatic refund process is when a payment is made outside of MySite (i.e. - in-person) or if the funds were provided by an organization which the college has an existing refund return policy with, such as the California Department of Rehabilitation. 

Refund processing timeframes:  Due to the transition to our new automated refund process, please allow up to 30 days to process a refund by credit card, and up to 45 days for a refund by check.  These processing times will become shorter as we progress through the transition.

**Students that submitted a refund request form prior to the automated refund process will have their refund requests included in the process noted above, by having their requests automatically refunded.